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At Studio City Dental you will experience all that modern dentistry has to offer, including a comprehensive list of general, restorative and cosmetic dental services to meet the needs of the whole family. Our goal is to assist each patient in achieving and maintaining long term dental health and a beautiful smile.

Some of the services we provide include:
  • New Patient Exams

  • Digital X-Rays

  • General Dentistry
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Composite Fillings

  • Crowns (Caps)
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Periodontics
  • Root Canal

  • Fixed Bridges

  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Dental Implants
  • Zirconia Crown

  • Dentures

  • TMJ Treatment

Questions and Answers

A cosmetic dentist has the same basic training that a general dentist receives, but with some additional education having occurred as well. If you visit a cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening, your teeth must first be cleaned for the procedure to work well. If you have a severely decayed tooth that needs repair and you go to a cosmetic dentist to obtain an aesthetically appealing solution, the dentist will take x-rays prior to the chosen procedure

Patients that have too many teeth missing may be candidates for partial dentures. Partial dentures are now available in two forms. Prosthesis, which uses a metal substructure that attaches to the remaining teeth in the mouth for support. Bonded to the metal substructure are acrylic teeth that replace all the missing teeth in the area. Partials dentures are removable, and it becomes necessary for patients to remove them from the mouth after meals to clean them.

Invisalign braces are a relatively new convenient, and nearly invisible way to straighten teeth without the use of metal bands/brackets/wires!! By using a series of clear removable aligners to move the teeth in proper alignment, Invisalign can achieve straightened teeth. These clear aligners are made from an impression taken from the mouth and scanned into a computer. We use our expertise to show a 3-D computer image of what the outcome would look like, even before the patient gets started. From the 3-D image, those clear aligners are made, and the patient can get started.

Crowns are an alternative way to achieve the desired smile or to strengthen otherwise compromised teeth. Patients who are candidates for crowns generally have a large amount of decay, large fillings, or fractures due to stresses on these teeth. Teeth that are compromised in this way are weak and susceptible to fractures or breaking.



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